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Scarlett 1016

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Scarlett (Pin 1016)

Hi I’m Scarlett agent number 1016. I love to get dressed up for a nice night out with my friends, why not give me a call.

Beth 1065

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Beth (Pin 1065)

Hi My name is Beth. I have short brown hair and brown eyes. I love to chat so call me.

Carla 1037

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Carla (Pin 1037)

Hi my name is Carla. I am a brunette with green eyes and a bubbly personality, give me a call on agent number 1037.

Sheri 7007

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Sheri (Pin 7007)

Hello gents. My name is Sheri, I am in my 50's, I have red hair and brown eyes. I love reading, movies and country walks.

Tina 2617

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Tina (Pin 2617)

Hi guys I'm Tina and my number is 2617. I have long brown hair with sparkly green eyes. I am a very down to earth girl who likes having fun.

JJ 1673

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JJ (Pin 1673)

Hi guys! My name is JJ; I'm a young at heart, 5ft 6", 40+ with long blond hair. So don't be shy press my PIN now on 1673.

Annalise 7016

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Annalise (Pin 7016)

Hi guys, my name is Annalise I am 24 years old, 5 FT 1" tall and very petite. I have blue eyes with blonde/brown hair.

Bridgette 1150

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Bridgette (Pin 1150)

Hi my name is Bridgette, I am in my 20's and very sporty. I love going to the movies, eating popcorn and having a good laugh. Call me lets chat.

Jules 1630

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Jules (Pin 1630)

Hi guys, I’m Jules, a 5ft 5" brunette. I have shoulder length hair and big brown eyes. Call my PIN 1630. I love nothing more than chatting so c

Debs 7205

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Debs (Pin 7205)

Hi guys my name is Debbie, I am a mature lady who likes to chat to new people. why don't you give me a call, my agent number is 7205.

Janette 7095

On A Call

Janette (Pin 7095)

Hiya, I'm Janette, I am 5 FT 4" tall with brunette hair and in my 40's. I love walking, slimming and keeping fit. I would love to chat to you today.

Roxy 1018


Roxy (Pin 1018)

Hi guys my name is Roxy and I am in my fabulous 50s. I am a gorgeous curvy lady and just love to talk to new friends.

Sarah 6943


Sarah (Pin 6943)

Hello there I'm called Sarah and I live in Nottinghamshire. I have long dark hair and deep blue eyes. I am very athletic and love working out. If your

Melissa 7180


Melissa (Pin 7180)

Hi My name is Melissa, I am a 21 year old student. I have dark hair, brown eyes and chocolate skin. I love to chat, call me.

Olivia 7218


Olivia (Pin 7218)

Hi my names Olivia, I'm 36, I'm 5ft4 with long dark wavy hair and dark brown eyes. If you would like to have a chat, then please call me, my agent nu

Candy 1033


Candy (Pin 1033)

Hay guys my name is Candy and I'm 35 years old. I'm a curvy exotic mix of Latina and black.

Foxy Roxy 1072


Foxy Roxy (Pin 1072)

Hi my name is Roxette. I have olive toned skin with long black hair and green eyes. I have a bubbly personality and I am waiting to chat to you.

Zena 1034


Zena (Pin 1034)

Hi everyone my name is Zena, I'm a 50 year old lady with lovely flowing brunette hair. I am friendly and always ready for a chat, about anything you l

Tara 7114


Tara (Pin 7114)

Hi my name is Tara. I am 5ft 6”. I’ve got long brown hair and hazel eyes.

Emma 7101


Emma (Pin 7101)

Hay Emma here, I have green eyes and blonde hair. My hobbies include travelling and reading. Can't wait to hear from you.

Lexi 1235


Lexi (Pin 1235)

Hello Gents, My name is Lexi. I enjoy going for long walks Lets have a chat agent no: 1235

Vicky 7002


Vicky (Pin 7002)

Hi Vicky here, I'm a bubbly Asian lady, I am outgoing, love to socialise with friends and love to chat, so why not call and chat with me today.

Shannon 1619


Shannon (Pin 1619)

My name is Shannon. I am a more mature lady. I have dark brunette hair and big brown eyes. I would love to chat with you today.

Tina 1558


Tina (Pin 1558)

Hi, my name is Tina, I am 5ft 6inches tall and size 16 dress. I am a very chatty out going girl, I would like to chat to you today.

Ava-Mai 1238


Ava-Mai (Pin 1238)

Hello Gents, I'm Ava-Mai, I enjoy going out for a lovely meal. Give me a call Agent no: 1238

Katherine 7141


Katherine (Pin 7141)

Hi my name is Katherine, I love going on holidays and relaxing on the beach in the sun, with a nice cold cocktail.

Jennie 7133


Jennie (Pin 7133)

Hello boys my name is Jennie, I'm a bubbly, Chatty girl who loves to go dancing with friends, so give me a call now.

Sara-Jane 7277


Sara-Jane (Pin 7277)

Hi my name is Sarh-Jane. I love to chat and make new friends, would you like to chat today?

Sadie 1039


Sadie (Pin 1039)

Hi my name is Sadie. I am a mature, curvy pale skinned red head with hazel eyes I love to walk and read. Call me.

Lotus 7081


Lotus (Pin 7081)

Hi gents, my name is Lotus. I am 40 years old with long auburn hair and tall. I enjoy reading, riding and country walks. Lets chat today.