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Lola-May 1095

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Lola-May (Pin 1095)

Hello everyone, my name is Lola-May. I am 30 years old. I am tall with dark hair and dark brown eyes. My favourite colour is red, I'm bubbly and lo

Ariana 1370

On A Call

Ariana (Pin 1370)

Hello I am Ariana, I enjoy a good book. Give me a call on agent no: 1370

Rosebud 7209

On A Call

Rosebud (Pin 7209)

Hi boys its Rose bud and I am back. I have a new pin number its 7209. If you remember me, I'm fun loving and have a bubbly personalty.

Nataliya - I'm Back! 7057

On A Call

Nataliya - I'm Back! (Pin 7057)

Good morning guys, my name is Nataliya. I am 5 FT 8" tall with dark hair and blue eyes. I love to keep fit, yoga and dancing. Call me.

Samantha 1463

On A Call

Samantha (Pin 1463)

Hi, my names Samantha and I'm from London. I have long dark wavy hair and big brown eyes. I would love to talk to you. My agent number is 1463 so why

Debbie 1041


Debbie (Pin 1041)

Hi, I'm in my mid 40's, my name is Debbie, my very petite with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Give me a call today, on agent number 1041.

Amy 1980


Amy (Pin 1980)

Hello there, my name is Amy and I'm your sexy kind of Snow White. I've got jet black hair, pale skin and bright red lips. I do lots of yoga to keep in

Maze 1380


Maze (Pin 1380)

Hi I am Maze, a 25 year old brunette, I am petite at 5ft 3" tall. I love socialising with friends and having a bubbly personality. Call me.

Rachel 1082


Rachel (Pin 1082)

Hi my name is Rachel. I am outgoing, bubbly personality and love to chat.

Foxy Roxy 1072


Foxy Roxy (Pin 1072)

Hi my name is Roxette. I have olive toned skin with long black hair and green eyes. I have a bubbly personality and I am waiting to chat to you.

Trixie Blue 1842


Trixie Blue (Pin 1842)

Trixie Blue here. I’m a very open minded, slim brunette. I love to chat about anything and everything. So come and have a chat with a more matu

Sandra 1086


Sandra (Pin 1086)

Hi guys my name is Sandra, I’m fun loving and I’m really into music, you can ask me anything, I love all kinds of music.

Abby 4230


Abby (Pin 4230)

I want to be your dream come true, so come on boys, if you want fun, call me.

Samantha 6124


Samantha (Pin 6124)

Hi guys, Samantha here. My agent number is 6124. I'm 5ft 5" in height. I'm a brunette with lovely brown eyes. Why don't you give me a call so we can h

Izzy 7172


Izzy (Pin 7172)

Hi guys. My name is Izzy. I am 50 year old housewife. I have long curly brown hair with big brown eyes. Speak to you soon. My agent number is 7172.

Sara 7254


Sara (Pin 7254)

Hi my name is Sara, I am 27 years old with dark hair and green eyes. I love singing and dancing.

Alex 1273


Alex (Pin 1273)

Hi guys, this is Alex. I'm a 35 year old bundle of fun! I have short brown hair and big brown eyes. I love drinking cocktails and eating out. Call now

Sara-Jane 7277


Sara-Jane (Pin 7277)

Hi my name is Sarh-Jane. I love to chat and make new friends, would you like to chat today?

Debs 7205


Debs (Pin 7205)

Hi guys my name is Debbie, I am a mature lady who likes to chat to new people. why don't you give me a call, my agent number is 7205.

Ruby 7258


Ruby (Pin 7258)

My name is Ruby I am an older single lady, I love keeping in shape, swimming, long walks and yoga. Give me a call, agent number 7258.

Katherine 1040


Katherine (Pin 1040)

Hello there, I'm Katherine, I'm a mature 41 year old lady who loves to talk and make new friends.

Bella 1794


Bella (Pin 1794)

Hi there! I'm Bella. I'm 5ft and petite. I have long blonde straight hair, lovely baby blue eyes and I have a cute, sweet smile. I go to the gym 5 day

Sapphire 7196


Sapphire (Pin 7196)

Hi my name is Sapphire, I am a petite brunette, who loves socialising, dancing, health and fitness. Give me a call today.

Abbey 1211


Abbey (Pin 1211)

My name is Abbey. I am mature 40 years old who enjoys life. My hobbies involve spending time socialising with my friends, cycling, swimming, yoga and

Janette 7095


Janette (Pin 7095)

Hiya, I'm Janette, I am 5 FT 4" tall with brunette hair and in my 40's. I love walking, slimming and keeping fit. I would love to chat to you today.

Christina 7022


Christina (Pin 7022)

Hi guys my name is Christina, I am a very talkative young lady in my 20s and I love going for nice long walks.

Tammy 7026


Tammy (Pin 7026)

Hello, my names Tammy. I have long blonde hair with hazel eyes. I enjoy swimming and cycling. Call me on 7026

Keeley 7128


Keeley (Pin 7128)

Hi guys, I am a petite brunette, with a few tattoos. I love going to the gym and working out, I love most sports and would love to chat to like-minde

Alice 7146


Alice (Pin 7146)

Hi I'm Alice, I am a 46 year old, blue-eyed brunette. I am very chatty and love good conversation, call me.

Kerry 1143


Kerry (Pin 1143)

Hi there guys, this is Kerry, 23 years old from London. I'm 5ft 4" tall, brown eyes, black dark hair with a sexy tanned skin complexion. I'm a very ch