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Lilly 7104

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Lilly (Pin 7104)

Hi guys, my name is Lilly. I have shoulder length hair, with big brown eyes. I love the finer things in life, I love to go to restaurants, the cinem

Sacha 1449

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Sacha (Pin 1449)

Hi, my name is Sacha and I am 24 years old. I have light Auburn hair. I like yoga and going to wine tasting parties.

Katrina 1192

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Katrina (Pin 1192)

Hi guys I'm Katrina, I am blonde with blue eyes. If you want to chat I am here waiting for your call. My pin number is 1192.

Sadie 6270

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Sadie (Pin 6270)

Hi there. My name is Sadie. I'm a petite 48 year old lady. I'm 5ft 2" with long dark hair and hazel eyes. I would love someone to talk to. Call me now

Elle 7088

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Elle (Pin 7088)

Hi boys, my name is Elle and I am in my 30's with long blonde hair. I am bubbly, lots of fun and love to chat.

Samantha 1463

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Samantha (Pin 1463)

Hi, my names Samantha and I'm from London. I have long dark wavy hair and big brown eyes. I would love to talk to you. My agent number is 1463 so why

Felicity 1031

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Felicity (Pin 1031)

Hi Guys I'm Felicity, I am a 31 year old housewife. I love talking and love to talk to new people.

Tia 7067

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Tia (Pin 7067)

Hi my name is Tia. I am 5 FT 6.6" tall aged 40. I have chocolate coloured skin and from a Jamaican background. I would love to chat.

Sonia 3846

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Sonia (Pin 3846)

Hello there, my names Sonia. I'm 29 years old. I've got long red hair and dark green eyes. I'm very playful and young at heart. Call me now on 3846.

Laura 7106

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Laura (Pin 7106)

Hello it's Laura here, my agent number 7106. I am 19 years old with long dark hair, brown eyes and a petite at 5 FT 4". I love to dance and party wi

Kelsey-Jo 1783

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Kelsey-Jo (Pin 1783)

Hi guys, I'm Kelsey-Jo. I'm 5ft 7" with natural blonde hair and blue eyes. If you fancy a chat, my number is 1783. Speak soon.

Jules 1630

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Jules (Pin 1630)

Hi guys, I’m Jules, a 5ft 5" brunette. I have shoulder length hair and big brown eyes. Call my PIN 1630. I love nothing more than chatting so c

Brandy 6444

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Brandy (Pin 6444)

Hi my names Brandy. I'm a bubbly brunette with lots to talk about. I have long, dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5ft 7" and of a slim build. I wou

Samantha 7171

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Samantha (Pin 7171)

Hello boys, I’m Samantha, I am in my 40's and enjoy talking to new people and sharing life experiences. I love to chat give me a call.

Tanya 6354

On A Call

Tanya (Pin 6354)

Hi guys I'm Tanya, I'm friendly and very witty. and I love to chat, so why don't you give me a call. my agent number is 6354.

Talia 7076

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Talia (Pin 7076)

Hey guys, my name is Talia, I am a chatty 30 year old from Birmingham. I love making new friends and would love to chat to you today.

Mia 1715

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Mia (Pin 1715)

Hi guys and girls! I'm Mia. If you want to add some sparkle to your day come on over and say hi. I'm 5ft 7" and 26 years old. I've got long dark hair

Marina 7068

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Marina (Pin 7068)

Hi guys. I’m Marina, a 23 year old from London. I am a petite build with long brown hair. I'm a waitress and enjoy meeting new people. make sur

Francesca 1272

On A Call

Francesca (Pin 1272)

Hi, this is Francesca. I'm 5ft 3" tall. I have brown hair and green eyes. My favourite thing to do is to go on lovely holidays. Call me on 1272.

Kendra 1765


Kendra (Pin 1765)

Hi guys, my name is Kendra. I'm 5ft 9" with long dark red hair down to my waist. If you would like to chat then call me on 1765.

Alexa 7151


Alexa (Pin 7151)

Hi Alexa here. I’m 5ft10” in heels with golden brown shoulder length hair and dark smouldering eyes. I have full luscious lips and 38DD b

Shona 7150


Shona (Pin 7150)

Hi guys my I’m Shona; I’m of an Indian heritage. I am very short at 4 ft 10 "tall. why don't you give me a call.

Shelly 7125


Shelly (Pin 7125)

Hi, my name is Shell and I am from up north and yes I am a pure Yorkshire rose. Give me a call.

Annie 7145


Annie (Pin 7145)

Hello guys, I am a 34 year old feisty red head. I am tall with green eyes and I love dancing.

Shelly 7235


Shelly (Pin 7235)

Hi I’m Shelly. I’m 5ft4” tall. I have long brunette hair with blue eyes.

Rose 7179


Rose (Pin 7179)

Hi there, I''m Rose, I am petite at 5 FT 1 " tall. I am in my 20's with long brown hair, big brown eyes and I have a very sweet smile.

Jackie 7097


Jackie (Pin 7097)

Hi. Hello. I’m Jackie. I’ve been looking forward to having a chat with you. I am 5ft 9” in height, I’m a dress size 12, my

Sarah 6943


Sarah (Pin 6943)

Hello there I'm called Sarah and I live in Nottinghamshire. I have long dark hair and deep blue eyes. I am very athletic and love working out. If your

Lucy 1878


Lucy (Pin 1878)

Hi guys, your through to Lucy. I’m 34 years old. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, a size 10 and I’m 5ft4”.

Sara-Jane 7277


Sara-Jane (Pin 7277)

Hi boys, let me introduce myself, my name is Sara-Jane, I am a petite brunette and love to socialise and go to the Cinema..